Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fulgencio prepares for third solo show in 3 months

Voces del silencio, Acrylic on wood, 48" x 48" 

‘The Cadence of Restless Feet: Recent Works by Fulgencio Lazo” opens Tuesday, June 23rd, on view through August 16th, artist reception, Wednesday, June 25th, 5-7 PM

Fulgencio will exhibit  his artwork at M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery at Seattle Central Community College, June 23 through August 16. A reception will be held June 25, 5-7 PM, in the gallery.
“The Cadence of Restless Feet” includes more than a dozen brightly-colored, whimsical acrylics on canvas and on wood produced within the last six months. Lazo, a native of the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, draws on the rich imagery of indigenous festivals, with their processions, larger-than-life puppets, brass bands and masked dancers to evoke a sense of celebration, of uplifting and hope. The figures our outlined in bold strokes of abstracted lines and placed upon complex backgrounds that are meticulously composed with layer upon layer of transparencies, until they explode in deep reds, violets, and incandescent yellows. The figurative narrative is present, but the elements are synthesized, transformed into more abstracted, and as such, more universal symbols. The pieces have a certain sense of humanity about them and reflect the artist’s commitment to making work that has a purpose and gives hope.